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Peja Stojakovic was born on June 9, 1977, and is a former basketball player, originally from Serbia. He has been the only European player to become the second highest scorer in the NBA season. He has the best average between the players of Europe in free throws and the second in triples. Right now he is part of the Sacramento Kings team as general manager.

Peja Stojakovic starts his career as a basketball player at the early age of 15 years, proclaiming himself as the youngest player and champion of the league Yugoslavia in 1993, days before he was 16 years old. After fulfilling them, he officially moved to Greece to be able to stand out and dedicate himself totally to basketball. His height, however, was not a problem for him to dedicate himself to this sport, because he is 2.08 meters tall. In addition to always present an extraordinary behavior on the court, showing with only 20 years of age the best moves in free throws passes, strategies, techniques, and triples. At the time and still today, he is admired by many young aspirants and fans, and an inspiration for all those young people who want to follow his steps to achieve everything he achieved at such a young age.

Peja Stojakovicstood out as much as a basketball player in all the time he was active and participant, that he was awarded a huge amount of prizes for his performance, for his incredible techniques and tactics, for his way of playing and concentrating, for his communication with the ball and his other teammates, for his incredible plays and other endless reasons. Peja Stojakovic definitely gave something to talk about for a long time.
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